How To Repair Water Damaged Wall

Repair Water Damaged Wall

Taking care of your home is a basic responsibility that you must do without showing any kind of any hesitation or laziness.  People often pay more attention to keep the plumbing fittings, kitchen appliances, and cooling or heating appliances. This often shifts their attention and they ignore paying adequate attention towards the walls and roof of their home. This is often wrong and that may make them face terrible consequences. Immediate attention is needed to fix all wall-related issues. You must know how to repair water damaged wall to do the needful and that too without wasting a single moment.

The walls get damaged due to flood, an excessive amount of moisture, or leaky roofs. So, to repair water damaged wall, you must follow a few simple steps before the harmful agents find the wall the best place to reside. Before you get started, you must know that the majority of problems are caused because of shortage of gypsum. The walls lose structural integrity and get damaged when they come in contact with water in any form.


If the damage is caused due to leakage of water, then your first task should be to find out the source. On some occasions, you can find the leakage easily but on other occasions you may need to reach skilled plumbers to get their knowledge to find the leakage.

This is slightly technical as measuring the damage is often a task of a skilled plumber. The damage to the drywall is often more if the wall is left exposed to the leakage for a longer duration. The presence of the water in the affected area is the actual reason for the damaged wall. Depending upon the affected area, you must take adequate measures to repair the same.

If you are trying to do it yourself for the first time, then make sure you use hand gloves, goggles, and a mask to cover the hands, eyes, and nose and mouth respectively. Removal of the wall should be done with utmost care as the chances of getting hurt are often high. Your task becomes slightly easier if you have been successful in identifying the damaged area.

In case it is not that big, then make sure you draw a square or a rectangle all around it and then start removing the wall carefully using a sharp knife.  Use fans and dehumidifiers to dry the room completely for around 48 hours before you get into the task. Here, you may need to reach an experienced electrician if the damaged portion of the wall has some electric wiring there.

After you remove the damaged wall, you reach the last phase where you would need to replace the damaged area with new drywall. If you do not have enough experience for this, then you must take help of an experienced technician who has the right knowledge in this domain.

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