Tankless Water Heaters Federal Way


As a full-service contractor since 1984, we have years of experience with tankless water heater installation requirements.

With a conscientious desire to remain current with latest state-of-the-art technologies in all areas relating to our professional services, not only are we highly-qualified and experienced in both gas and electric tankless water heater installations, but we can help you with basic information about:

  • How they work
  • Whether they are right for your home
  • Selecting the right model
  • Advantages and disadvantages or pros and cons
  • Cost comparisons between a tankless and traditional system
  • Energy efficiency
  • Maintenance
  • Performance
  • Estimated life span<

If you need to purchase a new system and are having difficulty choosing the right option for your household in Federal Way, call us for advice.

On Demand Water Heater Federal Way


By definition, an on demand water heater heats water only when a hot water valve is in use.

As a contractor that has significant experience with installations, we are well aware of both pros and cons when compared with a conventional system:

  • Initial unit cost is greater, but typically lasts longer
  • Lower operating and energy costs – up to 40 percent less energy usage
  • Greater life expectancy – up to double
  • Ability to replace parts vs. entire system
  • More compact

If you are preparing for a remodel or new construction in Federal Way, you may wish to explore the latest technology to learn more about this energy efficient system.

Once you have made the choice, call us for a professional installation. We are trained and equipped to handle all aspects of plumbing, electrical, gas and venting to avoid operational and functional issues. We are also fully aware of all local and national gas fuel codes.

Call us today for additional information!

Federal Way Tankless Water Heater Installation


Major providers recommend tankless water heater installation and subsequent pro-level maintenance skills of a professional contractor for safety reasons and to optimize its energy efficiency.

Proper setup depends on many factors, including but not limited to:

  • Fuel type
  • Knowledge of recommended gas line sizes
  • Safety issues
  • Climate conditions
  • Local building code requirements
  • Proper venting

Many of the modern systems have space-saving design features that allow additional flexibility for mounting on any inside wall of your home rather than in a separate designated utility room. There are also certain product lines available for natural gas or liquid propane fuel that contributes to lower carbon emissions and increased efficiency.

Depending on the size of your household, you can install additional systems connected in parallel to accommodate simultaneous multiple usage.

Call Joe the Pro Plumbing to help you select the best style for your home in Federal way with a proper and safe setup. 253-320-8558