Tankless Water Heaters Fife


As a family-owned and operated business providing exceptional plumbing and construction services since 1984, we also offer professional gas and electric tankless water heater installations in Fife.

We are a full-service contractor with a broad range of capabilities and expertise supported by an intense interest in latest state-of-the-art technologies relating to products that we service and maintain.

If you are studying the reviews but are unsure about the tankless water heater advantages and disadvantages, we can answer your questions and provide useful information:

  • How they work
  • Are they right for your home
  • What criteria should be used for selecting the right model
  • Right size and quantity for your home and number of occupants
  • Energy efficiency data
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Electric, gas or propane
  • Performance
  • Approximate life span
  • Cost comparison with traditional unit
  • Do you need to install a separate unit for appliances
  • Number of gallons of hot water supplied per minute

If you have questions, we likely have the answers! Call us today and let us help you select the best style for your home!

On Demand Water Heater Fife


Rather than drawing hot water from a storage tank in the case of a conventional system, an on demand water heater heats water with a gas burner or electric element only when a hot water tap is turned on.

We have significant knowledge about their pros and cons when compared with a conventional or traditional system, such as but not limited to:

  • Life expectancy of more than 20 years
  • Easily replaced parts vs. the entire system
  • An initial cost greater than a conventional system, but typically longer lifespan
  • Significantly more compact
  • Lower energy costs

For those who are concerned about sustainable earth-friendly choices, it certainly is worthwhile exploring the available technological data that outlines the maximum energy efficiency that is achievable to help conserve natural resources.

We look forward to receiving your call for a professional installation in Fife after you have made the choice. We have the knowledge and expertise and are fully-equipped for handling all aspects of electrical, plumbing, gas and venting to ensure proper operation and function. We are also knowledgeable regarding local and national gas fuel codes.

Fife Tankless Water Heater Installation


If you are renovating an older home or building a new home in Fife and are planning a tankless water heater installation, most providers and manufacturers highly recommend hiring a professional contractor for reasons of safety and optimization of its energy efficiency.

If your model is gas-powered, it is important to understand the dangers associated with a flawed installation. These are a few factors that must be considered for proper setup, and may provide incentive for a do-it-yourselfer to call us for assistance:

  • The unit’s power
  • Venting requirements
  • Knowledge of gas line sizes
  • Compliance with local building codes, specific standards and obtaining a permit
  • Climate conditions
  • Electrical wiring
  • Installing water supply lines as needed
  • Connecting all necessary lines and cords to the unit – gas, water and
    power supply
  • Checking for leaks
  • …and more

Call Joe the Pro Plumbing to ensure a proper and safe installation. We do it right the first time! 253-320-8558